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Dental Advice Basics: Trick or Treat!?

We Say Both! In Moderation.

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With Halloween only 10 days away, and it's popularity growing amongst kids and young adults in Australia, we thought it appropriate to address the effects that sugary foods have on your oral health. Ultimately your diet influences your oral health just as much as your general health. Bacteria in plaque produces acid on the surface of your teeth and gums when you eat a meal or have a snack. Eventually this will erode your tooth enamel, something that unfortunately can never be replace once it is lost.

When your kids go out amongst their local communities on the streets of Sydney next weekend they will most likely come home home with a bag full of sugary foods. Foods such as hard boiled lollies, chewy lollies, biscuits and muesli bars cling to your teeth. This exposes the teeth to decay, producing acids on the surface of your teeth and gums.

Generally speaking, it is okay to have these foods in moderation. Best practice is to brush the teeth directly after eating (For tips on prevention visit our TOP 10 best practices list for maintaining good oral health). The problem though, the acid produced by these foods takes effect almost immediately after eating and the damage has already begun. A healthy diet is a balanced one and consists of the basic food groups — fresh and crunchy vegetables and fruit are essential.

Your best defence against acids is saliva. We produce it naturally of course however, some of the things we do, or don't do, during the day decrease the amount of saliva we produce. Having regular healthy, sugar-free snacks, as well as drinking penalty of water and even sometimes chewing sugar-free gum will help us maintain healthy production of saliva, protecting our teeth.

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Rinsing with water or brushing your teeth after eating sweet snacks will help neutralise production of food acids. Enjoy your Halloween!

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