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Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras

Your Oral Health Guide


We at The #Emergency Dentist Sydney aren't afraid of a good old Mardi Gras celebration. Whether you're off to the family friendly fun of Fair Day, a dance in the sun at the Harbour Party, joining the streets for show that is the Mardi Gras Parade or sliding in sideways on the last Sunday of the season at Laneway, we've got your oral health and safety covered.

It's no secret that both men and women engage in oral sex, and like most sex acts there are risks associated. Lets look at things more closely:

The three main types of oral sex

  1. Fellatio – Oral stimulation of the penis
  2. Annilingus – Oral stimulation of the anus, often referred to as rimming
  3. Cunnilingus – Oral stimulation of the vagina

How to prevent infection from oral sex

  1. Wear a condom or dental dam
  2. Never floss or brush teeth before or after oral sex. Doing so will increase the chances of contracting an STI by irritating your gums, or causing tiny cuts or tears, and opening them up to exposure.
  3. Use water or silicon-based lube. Avoid oil-based lubricants that weaken the strength of latex in condoms
  4. Don't share sex toys
  5. Get tested regularly at your nearest sexual health clinic. If you're in Sydney for Mardis Gras you can visit Holdsworth House on Oxford Street for a sexual health checkup, Taylor Square Private Clinic on Bourke Street for rapid HIV testing or visit Acon.org.au for a complete list of rapid testing clinics.

Infections commonly caught from oral sex

  1. Gonorrhoea
  2. HSV 1 and 2 or Genital Herpes
  3. Syphilis

Infections less commonly caught from oral sex

  1. HIV
  2. Chlamydia
  3. Hepatitis A, B and C
  4. Genital Warts
  5. Pubic Lice
  6. HPV or Human Papillomavirus

For a complete list of events for this years Mardi Gras visit mardigras.org.au

The #EmergencyDentist Says:  

If Valentine's Day lands a box of chocolate in your lap, eat away with a smile on your face and portion your intake. Then brush your teeth right after. Especially if you're lucky enough to be making out with someone that day.

We Rate This Day :  2 out of 5 teeth for Oral Health

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