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Top 9 Aussie Ice Blocks

According to Us

If you're like us, ever since you were a kid one of the great joys of summer has been to be treated to - or, as a grown up treat yourself to - a sweet frozen treat to cool off on a hot summer day.

Trendy treats come and go - things like frozen yogurt bars or non dairy vegan friendly ice blocks - and although some may find such new-fangled offerings appealing most of us return summer after summer to the classics. The ice-creams and ice blocks that don't just taste good when you bite into them but also bring a whole host of memories of summers past flooding back.

But which are the true Aussie classics? To some extent we understand that's a matter of personal taste. However, in coming up with our own personal Top Ten list we think you're sure to find at least one or two of your favourites here:

1. Milo Scoop Shake
If you are looking for a real throwback treat here it is. An icy combination of vanilla and the Milo powder that your Mum's been telling you was good for you since you were a kid, this slushy snack is the one to turn to when you can't afford to get too messy, as the plastic wrapper helps keep ice cream drip at bay.


2. Rainbow Paddle Pop
Paddle Pops are, on the whole, pretty amazing. Not too fussy, flavoured ice cream on a stick. Exactly what you're looking for sometimes. And while the chocolate and banana flavours do deserve a honourable mention we think the cheery Rainbow Paddle Pop is the best of all. We mean, how can you stay grumpy when you have one of these happy little things in your hand? 

 3. Sunnyboys
OK, so we are pranking you a bit with this one, as, as many know - including the thousands who signed petitions to The Daily Juice Co who made the funky frozen block treats for years - Sunnyboys Ice Blocks ceased to be produced in September of 2016.

A collective cry of angst went up from those 90s kids who nursed fond memories of days spent sucking on the ice filled pyramids that came in such delightful flavours as Glug Cola, Orange Explosion and Razz Raspberry and Zap Lime. The problem was it was too late. Those crying on Twitter often said it had been a decade or more since they'd actually bought one, and indeed a lack of demand was cited for the discontinuance, so the moral of the tale is don't just reminisce about things, buy 'em, or they might just go away. On the upside, you can still get Zooper Doopers instead.

4. Calippo
Speaking of iconic ice poles though the Calippo is still very much around. This frozen delight has been the perfect beach treat for years as its cardboard wrapper keeps the sand at bay. They come in all kinds of lovely flavours too, but while some like the tart taste of classic lemon best we'd like to advocate for just right sweetness of Raspberry Pineapple.

5. Golden Gay Time
To many, this is the undisputed king of classic Aussie frozen treats. And it makes a good case for the title. Lashings of chocolate, crunchy chunky biscuit pieces and the yummy soft centre, it truly is a a wonderful thing to indulge in on a hot Sydney summer's day.

6. Splice
Part ice cream, part ice block all yummy. This handy to hold and cheap to buy frozen classic is now actually marketed as a 'low calorie, low fat' treat, so it's far easier to justify that second one when the first one did not quite fill you up...

7. Bubble O’Bill
Anyone who did not spend at least some of their childhood summers picking the bubblegum nose off Bubble O' Bill's frozen face, and then feel slightly bad about devouring his eyes and mouth - and his fancy chocolate hairdo - really didn't live. Just be careful with that nose, as the bubble ball is still so hard when frozen that it has cracked many a tooth..

8. MaxiBon
Take an ice cream block. Make it into an ice cream sandwich by smooshing that ice cream block between two chocolaty biscuits. Dip the biscuits in melted chocolate and then roll that in nuts. Some genius actually came up with all of this and whoever you were, we thank you.

9. Almond Magnum
The Almond Magnum is kind of the Porsche of the Aussie frozen treat scene. The ice cream is extra rich and extra creamy. The chocolate is extra thick and extra smooth. Even the almond bits are big and chunky rather than wimpy little slivers. It's a quality Aussie classic that tastes luxurious and expensive even though it really isn't. What more could you possibly ask for? 

The #EmergencyDentist Says:


Everyone should be able to enjoy the occasional frozen summer treat guilt free. And you can, as long as it's occasional and you remember to keep up with your oral hygiene routine after you're done.  

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