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Should I wait or call?

If you have gone to the trouble of searching for an after hours or emergency dentist you are probably in a lot of pain. If this is the case, you should call now and speak to us. If the pain you are experiencing has come on suddenly and is not subsiding, this is a good indication that you require emergency dental treatment. Alternatively you may have broken a tooth or fixture as a result of an accident or sporting injury and may require emergency cosmetic dentistry. If so, call now to consult with us over the phone. Ignoring dental pain can cause serious long term damage. Whatever the reason for your dental emergency we are available to help you 24 hours 7 days and will get rid of your pain today!

When can I see the Dentist?

ASAP. When you call us a Dentist or our standby staff will answer your call. If your call is unanswered we will call you back momentarily. Once we speak with you about your dental emergency we will discuss treatment options and arrange a suitable time to see you. Some cases may require immediate treatment, others may not.

How much does it cost?

It depends on your emergency. There is no additional fee for the time of day or night our Dentist treats you. You will pay for the consultation with the Dentist and then any subsequent treatment required. Payment facilities are available for patients with private health cover to receive instant rebates.

Dental or Hospital emergency?

The sudden onset of extreme pain to your teeth or gums, without any physical accident occurring, is usually a dental emergency. Other emergencies associated with your mouth occur too. Call us should any of the following happen: A tooth is knocked out, displaced or cracks, a fixture is broken, you bite your tongue or lip, an object is stuck in your teeth, your mouth or teeth are injured in a sporting accident. You should visit a hospital emergency department: If your jaw is broken or your lips, gums or tongue are severely severed or damaged


Dental Emergency Treatment Tips 101

After Contacting Us there are a few things you can do to relieve pain temporarily and save your teeth. Many people ignore pains and aches that come from their mouths. Unfortunately the pain doesn’t often subside and ends up doing much more damage. Select your emergency from below (Note: Do not consume alcohol or elicit drugs to relieve pain):



Tooth, Teeth, Gums and Mouth


Tooth, Teeth, Veneers, Fixtures


Object stuck in gums or teeth


Tooth, Teeth knocked out


Gums, Lips, Mouth


Gums, Lips, Mouth

Other Services Available

Emergency Dentistry is just a part of the wide range of services we offer. Wether visiting us for an emergency, a follow up to an emergency for treatment or should you simply wish to see us during our daily business hours, please Contact Us to enquire or make an appointment.


Hygiene, Snoring, Gum Disease, Root Canal, Extractions


Implants, Porcelain Crowns and Veneers, Teeth Whitening, White Fillings


Metal and Ceramic Teeth Straightening, Braces and Invisalign


Fillers and Anti-Wrinkle Injectables for men and women

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