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Managing Toothache, Dental Pain & Cracked or Dislodged Teeth

A dental emergency after hours can be a traumatic experience depending on your condition. First Contact us so we can determine your emergency and arrange an appointment asap. You may have experience sudden acute pain or aching or you may have suffered from a physical accident or sporting injury. Either way, once you have spoken to us there are a few things you can do to care for your damaged teeth and or minimise dental pain or toothache

* Do not consume alcohol or elicit drugs to relieve pain.
* The information on this page is general advice only.


Step 1: Call Us To Discuss Your Emergency & Arrange Appointment
Step 2:  Find Your Emergency Problem Below & Follow The Care Instructions
Step 3:  Rest & Prepare For Your Appointment

Toothache & Acute Pain

Tooth, Teeth, Gums and Mouth

1. Rinse out your mouth with warm water to cleanse it.
2. Take x2 Nurofen, Advil or Ibuprofen then wait 3 hours.
3. Then take x2 Panadol or Paracetemol then wait 3 hours and repeat step 2.
4. You can repeat the above steps until you see us, on most occasions you will see us well before you have to do this.
(Note: Do Not Apply aspirin directly to the source of the pain)


Tooth, Teeth

1. Rinse your mouth out with warm water to cleanse it.
2. Then put a cold pack or cold compress on the face next to the affected area.
3. Ensure you don’t play with the affected tooth or teeth while applying the compress or pack.
(Note: Do not apply and compress or aspirin directly to the tooth or teeth)


Object stuck in gums, Teeth, Tooth

1. Gently try and remove the object with your fingers or a pair of tweezers.
2. Alternatively, try and gently remove the object by flossing the area next to the object.
3. Apply pressure with a soft cloth after removing the object.



Tooth, Teeth knocked out

1. Gently sit the tooth back in socket it has come out from, do not push it in with force, to avoid touching the root.
2. Alternatively place it between the cheek and teeth, away from the affected area, to keep it warm and moist.
3. You can also place it in a container of milk until you see us.
(Note: Avoid touching the socket with your tongue)


Gums, Lips, Mouth

1. Clean the area gently by slowly rinsing with warm water.
2. Apply a cold pack or compress to help reduce bleeding.



Gums, Lips, Mouth

1. Rinse your mouth out gently with warm water to cleanse.
2. Apply pressure with a cloth to the area to help stop bleeding and keep in place until you seek medical assistance.

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