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Does Poor Oral Hygiene Cause Depression?

How your dentist could improve your mental health



Mental health is a serious concern for a lot of people. Disorders such as depression or anxiety are becoming more common these days, or perhaps they’re just becoming more visible as the people involved realise that they have nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about. This issue is also relevant in dentistry, as there are a number of studies that suggest that your oral health could be important in your mental health as well.

Depression and Oral Health

Depression is a serious and debilitating problem and now there is evidence to suggest that your oral health could affect your chances of suffering from this condition. The study, performed by Deakin University, found that poor dental health increased the likelihood of depression. This information was taken from a health survey of more than 10,000 people aged between 20 and 75 and measured dental health based on the number of reported dental conditions.  

This study also found that there is a link between oral health and the severity of depression. Basically, they found that the more dental conditions a participant had, the greater the severity of their depression. This strong link may be because of inflammation. Factors that cause inflammation in the body such as obesity or other medical conditions can contribute to the biological processes that cause depression. And because dental infections and poor oral health also cause inflammation, it may be exacerbating or causing depression in the same way.

A lot more research is needed before this connection is fully understood. However, it again highlights the importance of taking care of your oral health in every way possible if you want to live a healthy and happy life.

Anxiety and Oral Health


Anxiety is a common problem here at Emergency Dentist Sydney. It can range from a general preference to stay away from the dentist to full blown phobia and can seriously affect your oral health.

People with dental anxiety are far more likely to neglect their regular check-ups and ignore dental pain in the hope that it will go away. They’re also much more likely to have to make a trip to an after hours dentist with a painful cavity that’s been ignored for far too long. In fact, a recent study showed that people with dental phobias are more likely to have missing teeth and cavities than people who don’t have phobias. This means that anxiety not only affects your oral health, it can also makes your dental visits more involved and unpleasant, which will probably just worsen your phobia.


Emergency Dentist Sydney on Phobias and Depression


Here at Emergency Dentist Sydney, our staff are trained and experienced in helping patients overcome their fears and achieve better oral health. We offer a range of options and services to make your dental appointments more pleasant, from calming medications to distraction techniques and caring, sympathetic staff.

We’re focused on your oral health, which is why we welcome everyone without judgement, and will do our best to help you overcome any barriers to the best dental health of your life.

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