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Soft Teeth

Is there really such a thing?

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If you haven't said it yourself chances are that you've heard someone say it; I have soft teeth. But exactly what is that supposed to mean and is there really such a thing? The simple answer is no.

The Soft Teeth Myth

People often use the term 'soft teeth' to describe teeth that seem 'naturally susceptible' to tooth decay and cavities. When using the term people believe that such things are caused by some genetic flaw, as bad teeth do seem to run in their family. However, they are mistaken. Everyone is 100% in control of their dental destiny. No matter how many cavities your Dad has had fixed, or how many times your Mum has been in the dentist's chair to get bleeding gums looked at their oral health problems cannot be passed on to you.

There may be something that you have in common with your parents and other family members that may be contributing towards oral health problems; poor oral hygiene, and you are the only person who can change that.

Preventing 'Soft Teeth' Problems

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Having established that there really is no such thing as soft teeth all of the problems that people associate with them are very real and do need to be addressed. Tooth decay - which leads to those fillings - is primarily caused by bacteria, and maintaining a good daily oral health routine will go a long way towards preventing it. Brush twice a day - at least - with a good toothbrush, floss at least once a day and avoid consuming too many sugary foods; it's not hard at all, but such a routine is still very effective.

There are of course other factors that can contribute to tooth decay. Those who still smoke are at greater risk and some medications can cause problems as well. The best way to address these issues is to discuss them with your dentist, so they can help you come up with a better way to care for your teeth. And speaking of the dentist, they are the other big part of the puzzle, as those regular checkups are also a must in the 'battle' against tooth decay and other oral health problems.

Setting a Good Example

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The one time you can influence someone else's oral health destiny is when you are raising your kids. It's important that kids are taught about good oral health practices as early as possible, even when they still have their first set of teeth. All too often parents feel that toddler tooth problems are less serious and less worthy of treatment as the teeth kids have at this point are not permanent. Another myth. 'First tooth problems' can indeed impact the growth and development of permanent teeth and so establishing a good oral health routine right from the start, including dental checkups, is essential, and the one time it is a family issue!

Emergency Dentist Sydney Says:

It's time to face facts; ‘soft teeth’ ae a myth. They’re just teeth that need better care, and the responsibility for that care begins with you (and your dentist of course.)

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