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"I Haven't Been To The Dentist In 10 Years"

Here's What To Expect When You Do

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It does happen. Life gets busy. Work is crazy and you barely have a free minute at home either, and when you do, you like to spend that precious spare time doing something happy and fun. Next thing you know, you wake up one morning with a bit of a nagging toothache and you realise it's been 2, 5, maybe even ten years since you actually visited a dentist. How the heck did that happen? And what is a dentist going to say when you have to tell them you've been so remiss?

In this situation, some people would be tempted to put off a visit to a dentist, even though they now seem to actually need one. They are simply a bit too embarrassed to consider having to admit that , although they really do do the whole brushing and flossing daily thing, and haven't had a problem with their teeth at all - they are even pretty white - they have neglected what they know is the most important part of oral health care; a regular dental checkup.

The fact is though, if you haven't made it to the dentist in a while, and yes, even if it's been ten years, we won't judge you. Life happens. As good dentists we will be glad you're there now and that you are finally taking proper charge of your oral health, even if it's taken a bad toothache to get you to see us.

The other thing that makes people in this situation very nervous is not really knowing what to expect once they do make it to the dentist's chair. Although it will of course vary from patient to patient, here's a little about how it'll generally go.

The Paperwork

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We don't do paper anymore! Emergency Dentist Sydney is almost completely digital. New patients simply fill in a digital form on our iPad upon arrival and sit in our comfy reception until we are ready to see you – which won't be long we promise!

The Examination

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If you haven't been to a dentist in ten years, chances are you'll be rather surprised by how much things have changed around a dentist's office in general. TVs with Netflix in the waiting rooms? That's new. Free tea, coffee or water? Well that didn't used to happen before. They do laser root canals now? Well isn't that some Star-Treky stuff!

Once you've got past the pleasant surprises in the waiting room your appointment will begin with a basic checkup and a chat with the doctor about your oral health history and any issues you seem to be having right now (like that toothache) No lectures, no looks of shocked horror, and no patient shaming when you admit just how long it's taken you to get there, just a chat about starting afresh!

The X-Rays

Even if you did manage to dig up old x-rays, you'll need some new ones. Ideally, dental x-rays should be repeated on an annual basis, as a lot can change, even for an adult. We know that x-rays can be uncomfortable, but they don't hurt and they'll be over in a flash and give your dentist the below the gum line view they need to ensure that any and all oral health issues you might be experiencing, even if you don't know they exist (yet), can be properly addressed.


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A lot can happen in ten years in terms of anyone's oral health. That toothache? It might be caused by a cavity, it might be caused by gum disease, it may even be caused by pesky wisdom teeth still lurking below the gum line. And now's the time you'll find out, and, if there are problems, talk with the dentist about the plan going forward to sort them out.

If you are one of the lucky ones, you might not even need that much work done at all. But a proper, professional cleaning is certainly a must and gosh will you be surprised by how clean your teeth look and feel once that's over. Then, if we're completely honest, it might be time for a little lecture. A really little, gentle one, that emphasises the importance of keeping up the good work you've started and making the time - and the effort - to make going to the dentist a part of your life again.

Emergency Dentist Sydney Says:

If the last time you saw the dentist was a decade ago, don't be shy, come on back. It really is never too late to take full charge of your dental health and in ten years from now, you'll be really glad you did. And you might even have learned to like us by then!

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