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Sci-Fi Nano Tech Becomes Real

The Challenge of Oral Surgery

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Over the years, patients who have issues with their dentition that particularly requires surgery have been on the rise, yet, people no longer want to get their oral cavity operated. This is not particularly their fault as the operation of the oral cavity can be quite challenging and painful.

In the recent record by American Association of Orthodontists, it has been recorded that over 5 million people come to visit the Orthodontist each year in the U.S. They all come with varying degrees of abnormal tooth arrangement. Most of them end up requiring surgery before getting to fix them up with braces. Surgeries are performed in order to cut the collagen fibres under the gum, so as to be able to enable the quick and easy alignment of the tooth when the braces are fixed on them. Many people however shy away from this procedure and decide to remain in their state because of the painful process involved.

The Solution

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As the quest to seek for a solution to reduce the pain and discomfort became paramount, scientists have evolved in getting drugs delivered to a particular location using the knowledge of nanotechnology. Liposomes, which are empty nanoscale vesicles can now be used to target therapeutics to specific locations. Collagenase enzymes have been found out to be capable of remodelling the fibres connecting tooth to bone and so transporting this enzyme to the targeted tooth with the aid of the Liposomes helps to reduce the stress of having to use a scalpel.

This procedure, however, have been found out to be very challenging because it’s very difficult to deliver the enzyme, using the Liposomes. In a bid to resolve this, Avi Schroeder and his colleagues have been able to develop a specialised nanotechnology, capable to delivering the work precisely with less discomfort. They have been able to develop liposomal nanoparticles containing Collagenase. They performed the experiment on rats and the result indicated that it was far better than the other earlier methods used. The calcium naturally found in the mouth activated the Collagenase as they diffused out of the particle and this weakened the collagen fibres and thus made it easier to shift the tooth while using braces.

Also, from their result, they observed that the rats they performed this experiment on recovered faster by getting bigger, earlier than the other rats. This indicated that they had lesser discomfort and they were less pained. This is really a breakthrough to the body of science, to orthodontists and a good news to patients requiring the services of an orthodontists.

We Have the Solution!

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We are happy to announce to you that Emergency Dentist Sydney has been able to speedily adapt to the use of this method in carrying out surgeries. We successfully operate countless dental cases each year and having this technology at hand now helps us to operate faster and most especially gives our customers more comfort and less pain. As customer satisfaction is our main aim, we carefully mastered the art of the right application of this technology and are actively using already. 

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