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Emergency Repair to Fixtures

Should Only Pain Be Treated as an Emergency Situation?

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Pain, as it is obviously known is a major concern to everyone as it is very disturbing and highly discomforting. Tooth pain, however, has been considered over time to be a very serious issue simply because it has been rated one of the worst pains anyone can ever have. Tooth pain, however, is not the only dental condition that should be treated as an emergency. It is not until you are experiencing some form of pain that you should remember your dentist, it is important to note that there are still some conditions that would require the prompt intervention of the dentist, else, a lot of things might get ignorantly damaged.

Other Conditions to Be Treated as an Emergency


Apart from the emergency that comes with pains, aches or cracks. Some conditions should not also be handled with levity, especially the ones involving minor and easily overlooked conditions coming from tooth treatment. Conditions like this should not be underestimated so as to avoid unnecessary prolongation of treatment. Also, it isn’t a crime to look beautiful and dentists can make that happen, so, do not relegate yourself as a second-class citizen simply because you do not want to see a dentist. Some of these conditions listed should be treated as emergency cases and promptly resolved:

·       Broken Denture
Dentures are metal frameworks attached to someone tooth for the purpose of realignment. When a denture gets broken for whatever reason, it should not be treated as a minor issue. While a broken denture can be overlooked, it can be very embarrassing and seriously disfiguring. This condition should not be allowed to stay with you for too long when the solution is just around the corner. It should be treated as an emergency situation, for aesthetic purpose and also not to cause a further damage to the tooth and thus incurring more cost for lack of knowledge.

·       A Chipped Crown or Veneer
When a crown or veneer becomes chipped or slightly cracked, you should reach out to your dentist immediately in order not to unnecessarily prolong your treatment and cause more damage to the tooth in question. If left untreated, the tooth might eventually become loose, thus, the essence of the treatment getting to be in vain.

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·       Popped out wires from Braces
For those using braces to align your dentition, you should take note of the wires being out of place and thus popping out. If this occurs, there is a very high tendency of distortion in treatment as orthodontic work required precision. This would eventually lead to prolongation of treatment. It can also affect your eating ability or damage your mouth, so it is very important to take it as an emergency situation.

·       Broken Retainers
The main purpose of wearing a retainer is to perfect the work of the orthodontist. When your retainer gets broken, return to your dentist immediately and it would be easily rectifiable provided you treat it as an emergency situation and do not delay it.

Some other conditions that should be treated as an emergency are getting to starve yourself to sleep because you have lost your sleep appliances and also losing fillings and ramifications due to unnecessary delay in getting it fixed.

Emergency Dentist Sydney Says:

All these conditions should be treated as an emergency situation once it happens and you should call your dentist immediately so as to get the proper care.

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