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Acute Pain

What to Expect

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Pain in the tooth has been recorded to be the second most painful form of pain in the human body. Acute tooth pain can be very discomforting. It is an experience that should never be gotten as it is always difficult to forget experiences like that. This is because the pain takes all of you and you just cannot get yourself to concentrate on any other thing. No one who has ever had a tooth pain prays to keep having it.

What are the Causes?

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Acute pain can be caused by a lot of factors which ranges from coming from the upper part of the tooth to the ones radiating from deep within the gum. Tooth pain can also be gotten as a result of infections from other parts of the body associated with the tooth. Some of the main causes of acute tooth pain are:

  • Tooth Decay: This is a major factor that causes acute tooth ache and it is due to bacterial infection. It occurs when the bacteria traversed through, reaching the roots of the tooth thus causing an abscess. The pain can be very terrible and highly unbearable.
  • Fractured Tooth: When a tooth is fractured, the nerve gets exposed and the exposure of a nerve causes excruciating pain because nerve exposure usually leads to the formation of an abscess.
  • Gum Disease: When the gum of an individual is infected and not quickly treated, it can lead to an inflamed gum, periodontitis and other root canal infections and this also is a leading cause of acute tooth pain.


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When toothache occurs, some of the obvious symptoms that it comes with are:

  • Confusion and severe headache
  • Persistent increase in temperature
  • Obvious swelling and palpable tenderness of the gum and generally in the mouth
  • Blurred and/or double vision

Treatment Options

Acute pain should be taken as an emergency situation and be treated as such. The first and main treatment is to contact your dentist right away. This is important because the pain might trigger lots of other problems and complications might arise. While preparing to see the dentist though, some of these treatments can be quickly applied:

  • Properly rinse your mouth with warm water in order to get it cleansed.
  • Take two tablets of Ibuprofen or Advil and then wait for three hours.
  • Then, take two Panadol tablets and then wait for another three hours before repeating the second step.

These tablets to cause a significant reduction in the swelling in case there is an inflammation and also reduce the pain to a bearable minimum. It is very important to note that you should not directly apply aspirin, you should see your dentist instead.

Before getting to the end of these treatments, you must have been able to reach your dentist and get the proper care.

In cases whereby the pain is severe, has lasted more than a day or you have other associated pain apart from the toothache, it is very expedient to see the dentist quicker because other treatment options may be needed as all these may be due to abscesses or deep root canal infections and it warrants more serious treatments such as:

  • Extractions or removal of the tooth
  • Filling of the tooth
  • Gum or Periodontal treatment
  • Root Canal treatment

All these would require serious treatment and some minor surgical procedures, but, there is no need to panic as long as you visit the right dentist.

Emergency Dentist Sydney Says:

If your toothache is severe, follow these emergency dental care tips. If it has lasted for more than 24 hours and you just can't take it anymore, give us a call.

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