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Traditional Vs. Laser Root Canal Treatment

Why It's Better to Go High Tech

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You may have heard of laser root canals and you may be a little scared but fear not, there is nothing strange or scary about laser treatments at all. In fact, using lasers in dentistry make treatments faster, more effective and a lot less uncomfortable. Have a read below for the advantages a laser root canal can offer over a traditional root canal procedure.

Why Would I need a Root Canal Anyway?

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There are several reasons that your dentist might suggest a root canal. A tooth that has deep decay, has cracks or chips that have resulted in damage to the pulp of the tooth itself, or it may have suffered as a result of repeated dental procedures but is not totally beyond repair. The idea behind root canal treatment is to alleviate the pain associated with pulp damage and give the tooth a chance to heal before it is restored with a filling or a crown at a later date.

Laser Vs. Traditional

A traditional root canal makes use of a drill to create a tiny opening in the tooth to be treated. The inflamed/damaged pulp is then removed and the root within the tooth is cleansed and disinfected before the little hole is filled back up again with a rubber like solution.

A laser root canal follows basically the same procedure, but making use of a laser, instead of a drill, really does make a difference. The laser can 'boil away' the damaged tissue with far greater accuracy and the tooth is left considerably cleaner. There is also often less bleeding involved - a plus for anyone because no one really likes to see blood, especially if it's their own - and some patients who have had a root canal in the past they can compare the laser procedure to have reported that the pain and discomfort they experienced immediately after their dental surgery was noticeably less.

But are Lasers Really Safe?

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Some people are a little afraid that an oral surgeon could slip up and the dental laser will cut their tooth. Lasers can indeed cut, but any dentist performing a laser root canal has been extensively trained in the procedure and is as skilled with their laser as they are with their drill.

Emergency Dentist Sydney Says:

We are happy to explain everything at great length and together make a decision on which treatment is best for you. Whether you prefer a laser or traditional root canal, we will provide you with the best possible experience.

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