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Emergencies Aren't Always a One-Stop-Shop

What You Should Expect

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There are few things as frightening as a dental emergency. You’re in pain, confused about what to do, and just want to go back to normal. But this isn’t always possible, at least not without diminishing your oral health in the long term. With some dental problems, you may need more than one visit to solve the issue. So when you visit an after hours dentist, you need to be prepared to come back until the issue is resolved. Because sometimes the quickest route to normal functioning isn’t the best one.

The Problem with Dental Emergencies

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The real problem with dental emergencies is that they can cause people to make the wrong decision. This is understandable. After all, when you see an emergency dentist you’re probably traumatised, in pain, and bleeding, and who wouldn’t want to fix those problem as soon as possible? As Dr. Oberoi from Emergency Dentist Sydney points out, “When people are in pain they want a quick fix, they don’t always think about the long term.”

But decisions made in the heat of the moment can have long term consequences. Which is why you need to listen to your dentist and take a longer view on your oral health.

One Stop Treatments

There are a number of different dental problems that an after hours dentist can fix immediately so you can go about your day as if it never happened. Some of them are as follows:

  • Mild decay where you only need a filling.

  • Small cracks in your teeth which can be fixed using dental bonding.

  • More advanced decay when a root canal can be performed.

Treatments That Take Time

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There are a number of dental treatments that will take time and multiple treatments before they can be fixed. However, not everyone wants to wait that long. As Dr. Oberoi says, “People come in with a sore tooth and just want it taken out when there are better options.” This often results in people getting treatments that aren’t the best for them in the long term. So they come in with an infected tooth, and leave with a gap in their mouth that will have to be filled at some point. This could have been avoided if they were willing to wait and commit to a longer treatment that could have saved their tooth.  

This situation doesn’t only occur with infected tooth. It can also be the case when you have severe gum disease, a tooth that needs to be extracted, or a broken tooth that needs a dental crown or bridge. You may also need multiple treatments if you have impacted wisdom teeth.  

So when you have to pay a visit to an after hours dentist, remember that it isn’t a one stop shop. Sometimes, the best solution will take time and multiple treatments. If this is the case, taking the longer option will be the best way for you to enjoy good oral health over the long term.

Emergency Dentist Sydney Says:

If you have a dental emergency, contact our Emergency Dentist in Sydney. Our caring and expert staff are available 24 hours a day to help you with all your emergency dental needs.

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