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Keep Your Family Hydrated This Summer

Keep Your Family Hydrated This Summer


With summer holidays already here we should be taking extra precautions for our little ones as the temperatures sizzle, especially following the sugary festive season. We know how to take care of our skin but can’t forget to keep your kids hydrated!

Did you know that good hydration is vital in maintaining healthy teeth? We’ve got some tooth friendly tips on keeping your children hydrated this summer.

1. Drink mostly water
Sports drinks, soft drink, and juice are all packed full of sugar (we’ve said this before - sugar is the enemy!), which will only dehydrate the munchkins even further. Water is by far the best option, and it is definitely the cheapest!

2. Use straws and drink bottles
Make drinking water fun with special straws. Even adults can’t deny silly straws are fun! There are lots that go round and round, or do squiggly shapes, or really really long ones that kids will love. Otherwise let them pick a fun, bright water bottle.

3. Make it exciting
If your kids find plain water too boring, you may be tempted to try adding fresh or frozen fruit to their water or even freezing the fruit in the ice-cube tray to make colourful ice-cubes. Whilst this is a fun way to get kids to drink more water it must be kept in mind that fruit still contains sugar and acid and if sipped on throughout the day will contribute to tooth decay.

4. Eat hydrating fruit
Some fruits like bananas and watermelon are very high in water content and are great source of liquid. Keep your watermelon in the fridge, so it’s nice and cold – the perfect refreshing snack! Mmm Mmm

5. Make water readily available
Children will drink when they’re thirsty if there is a drink available. Make sure water bottles are easy to open and within easy reach for kids, and make sure you always pack a water bottle when heading outside. Don’t forget to keep kids hydrated when you’re playing in the backyard, at the beach, or simply catching up with friends.

6. Parents; Set a good example
Teach your kids the importance of drinking water by setting a good example, and keep your hydration levels up. You might want to take regular water breaks together, or try matching water bottles.

The #EmergencyDentist Says:


Getting your kids to drink more water comes down to availability and appeal! Make fresh water available at all times, make it part of your families daily habits. Add ice cubes, fill a special cup with it, add fruit (in moderation)… whatever works.

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