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The 'Green Food Diet'

Our Top 7 Green Foods For Good Health


At The Emergency Dentist Sydney we believe in holistic oral health care. General daily care, such as brushing and flossing, go a long way to your overall oral health but there's a lot more you can do to ensure a healthy smile. After 10 plus years in dentistry we know prevention is the best medicine. In fact, what we do or don't eat can be very important when it comes to your smile.

So, we say scrap the White Food Diet, green is the new white this St Patrick's Day. We have our top 7 picks for the most super duper green foods to keep your oral health and general health looking as good as your four year old self the first time you found a four leaf clover.

1. Green Tea
We recommend a good cup of green tea after any meal. Green tea is great for controlling bacteria in your saliva and lowering the level of acidity in it, which can cause cavities. It's also works great as an anti-inflammatory which is particularly useful in the control of periodontal (gum) disease. To top off green tea as a great choice for your oral health, it is also associated with good breath! We believe this is likely because the microbes that make our breath bad are broken down by the tea.

2. Snap Peas & Green Beans
The high fibre content of these crisp green vegetables help scrub your teeth, which breaks up the biofilm and plaque buildup on your teeth. This all happens while you chew, mimicking a toothbrush or flossing. The extra effort you put in to chewing these veggies speeds up saliva production, which keeps your teeth strong and helps digest your food. Overall, a great snack to help boost your smile.

3. Kiwi Fruit
Kiwi fruit has the highest concentration of vitamin C (along with strawberries). Vitamin C helps to prevent collagen in your gum tissue from breaking down and without collagen your gums become tender and open to disease and infection, such as periodontal (gum) disease. They're also a yummy fruit snack too.

4. Green Apples
One of your oral health's best friends. Green apples are a water rich food which stimulate saliva production and and keep your oral bacteria looking pretty good. Not only that, green apples are also a high fibre food which create a brushing or scrubbing effect when biting. This quite literally cleanses the surface of your teeth as you eat, wiping away bacteria. Ahh that fresh feeling after eating a green apple.

5. Celery
Similar to the kiwi fruit, celery is packed with Vitamin C. It's great to help fight against inflammation of your gums. The texture of the celery stick is also another great green food that acts as a mother nature's brush, cleaning your teeth as you chew.

6. Broccoli
Broccoli does two great things for your teeth, whiten and protect. A bad cook will serve you over cooked broccoli, boiled for too long. The key to this vegetable is to steam it. This cooks it just long enough for the florets (they're the dark green tops) to heat but also retain all of their vitamins. Broccoli contains vitamin C (see Kiwi Fruit), vitamin E, which helps aid the body in healing and has a good source of vitamin b2 and calcium, which help keep your teeth strong and white.

7. Avo
Who doesn't love an avo! Avocado's are great for helping your body absorb all of the good nutrients you need from all foods to help maintain good overall health. Not only that but they contain a great level of calcium, helping your teeth strong and vitamin B6, another essential nutrient which is good for your overall oral health.

The #EmergencyDentist Says:


We always recommend a well balanced healthy diet full of a variety of foods. If you're planning on celebrating St Patrick's Day this year have a Guiness on us and remember The #Emergency Dentist Sydney is always open for dental emergencies.

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