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Top 9 Aussie Ice Blocks

Top 9 Aussie Ice Blocks

If you're like us, ever since you were a kid one of the great joys of summer has been to be treated to a sweet frozen treat to cool off on a hot summer day...

The 'Green Food Diet'

The 'Green Food Diet'

After 10 plus years in dentistry we know prevention is the best medicine. In fact, what we do or don't eat can be very important when it comes to your smile...

The Price of Emergencies

How Much Does It Cost?

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This depends on your emergency. There is no additional fee for the time of day or night our Dentist treats you. You will pay for the consultation with the Dentist and then any subsequent treatment required. Payment facilities are available for patients with private health cover to receive instant rebates.

  • Standard Consultations - $100
  • Extractions - From $250
  • Laser Root Canal - From $550
  • Dental Bonding (Broken Teeth) - From $250

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