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My Tooth is Killing Me

But How Much Will It Cost to Fix It?

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You are in pain. Agony actually. The toothache you've been trying to ignore for days because you were a little too busy to make it to the dentist (which is not exactly your favourite place to hang out anyway) refuses to be ignored any longer. Or respond to any kind of pain medication you can find in your bathroom cabinet or at the chemists.

Oh, look though, there's an emergency dentist. In Sydney. Not too far away actually. And they're open! But hold on. How much is it going to cost? Even through a fog of pain, our thrifty side tends to kick in. Which is understandable. That's why today we thought we'd spend a little time going over the basic costs associated with coming to see us.

Basic Costs Explained

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Every toothache is different. Every toothache has a different cause and will require a slightly different treatment. So, putting an absolute, guaranteed price on your whole visit to an emergency dentist is impossible to do. We can, however, walk you through the basics so you have a better idea of to expect:

Step 1: Book an appointment online or on the phone

We are open 24/7 but taking a few minutes to book your appointment with us online - or over the phone - lets us know you are on your way so that we can be better prepared to help you as quickly as possible when you arrive.

Step 2: Head Down to See Us

We're not hard to find if you haven't been to see us before. We're opposite Hyde Park, The Sheraton on the Park and lots of buses stop right outside our door. If you do need help getting to the practice visit our Find Us page for more details.

Step 3: When You Arrive

The basic cost of a consultation - no matter what time of day or night - is $100. If you need a prescription - which many patients do as infected teeth are some of the most common problems we see - we can tell you that the cost will increase by another $50. during the consultation our dentists will examine you and determine additional costs as needed.

The one thing you should know is that every recommended treatment - and its associated costs - will be fully discussed with you before we do a thing beyond a basic examination. We pride ourselves on being as upfront and transparent as possible, as we understand that no one likes nasty surprises when it comes to money!

Step 4: After the Emergency

Many of the patients we see on an emergency basis do require follow-up treatments. We can offer patients all kinds of services to help ensure that the real cause of their dental emergency is addressed, and not just masked. These range from extractions and root canals to crowns, implants and veneers. However, once again, everything -  including the costs involved - will be thoroughly discussed and explained.

Emergency Dentist Sydney Says:

We pride ourselves not only on the high quality of our services and the expertise of our dentists but also on the fairness and affordability of our pricing.

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