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The Truth about Temporary Fillings

They're just temporary

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Temporary fillings seem like such a strange idea. After all, if you have a hole in your tooth, why would your dentist only fit it for a short time? But this is a simplistic view. Temporary fillings can be a very useful tool if used in the right circumstances. They’re a short term solution that eases the pain of damage and makes it possible for you to go about your life as normal until you can get the proper treatment. If you need to get a temporary filling, here is a quick guide to their use and care.

What is a temporary filling?

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A temporary filling is a filling that has been placed to seal or build up part of a tooth. It is generally made from softer materials and is not intended as a permanent solution.

What is the procedure for a temporary filling?

The procedure for a temporary filling is similar to the procedure for a normal filling except much shorter. There is hardly ever any drilling or teeth shaving required, because the filling is not meant to be there forever, and so it can be done quickly so the patient can go about their day again. There are usually no needles needed for this procedure either.

Why do temporary fillings fall out?

Temporary fillings are temporary treatments for a number of problems. They aren’t meant to last forever. If you get a temporary filling, and don’t go back for the treatment, the filling will fall out sooner or later. Generally speaking, a temporary filling can last anywhere from a couple of days to a few months depending on where it’s located. This is dependent on other factors of course, such as general mouth health, food intake, and whether you ‘play’ with the filling a lot. But, if you’re careful and you go back to your dentist for the proper treatment, your temporary filling should last until the dentist can put something more permanent in there.

How can I care for my temporary filling?

When you have a temporary filling, mostly you need to be careful what you eat. Biting into hard foods such as nuts or seeds can cause the filing to come loose and fall out. If possible, chew on the side away from the filling. Apart from this, you can brush your teeth as normal without dislodging the filling. Just make sure you keep your tongue away from it as well. When temporary fillings fall out, it’s often because the patient is constantly digging at it with their tongue. With this kind of treatment, it’s no wonder they don’t last.

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