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After the Emergency

Follow Up Treatments Explained

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Our name (sort of) says it all. Emergency Dentist Sydney. We're the people you can turn to at two in the morning on a Saturday night to help get rid of that terrible toothache that is making your life a misery (to say the least).

That is not, however, all we do. While we do everything we can to help you during your first visit to us, very often the real cause of that pain calls for follow-up treatments of a number of different kinds. The good news is that the same friendly, helpful and skilled dentists who helped you out during your emergency visit are ready, willing and able to perform those as well.

Common Emergency Follow Up Treatments Explained

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You might be wondering what kinds of follow up treatments are called for after a visit to an emergency dentist. Here's a quick look at some of the most common:

Laser Root Canal

The days when all dentists wanted to do was yank teeth out are long gone. Losing a tooth - even one 'hidden away' at the back of the mouth - can be a very traumatic experience - so these days an extraction is usually only considered as a last resort.

Root canals can be used to save a tooth that has been damaged by decay or infection but of all the dental procedures people can undergo it's the one people are most scared of. Everyone always seems to be able to tell a horror story about the terrible time their Mum/Granny/best friend had with a root canal and those gory tales alone often put people off.

The fact is though that root canal procedures have changed a great deal, and that is especially true of the root canals we perform. We've replaced the scary, noisy drills and sharp pointy things with lasers. The lasers are as effective -  often even more so - and most of our patients find that their pretreatment fears were completely unfounded after all.

Crowns and Veneers

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Broken teeth can be a nightmare too. Not only do they usually look less than appealing but a broken or chipped tooth is a magnet for infection and recurring pain. Crowns and veneers can be used to solve this problem and many others, including misshapen teeth and to protect a tooth that has been restored by a root canal.

Veneers and crowns today are a far cry from those used even as little as ten years ago. They look very natural, can be custom fit to suit any mouth.

Other Treatments

Sometimes the causes of the pain that sends a patient to us in the middle of the night are not quite what they expected. For example, did you know how much trouble (and pain) something like gum disease can cause? Or a stubborn wisdom tooth that cannot even be seen with the naked eye? The good news is that we have the expertise to treat these conditions as well.

Whatever the reason you initially come in to see us for there is one thing we can promise you. You'll never leave our office without a plan for future dental treatment and care that has been fully discussed with you, including the costs involved.

Emergency Dentist Sydney Says:

Although many of our patients first come to us as a 'last resort' we're happy to say that lots of them keep coming back. We're committed to providing the best possible oral health care for everyone, not only in their 'hour of need' but for years to come.

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