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Hot New Trend: Braces for Adults

The Waning of A Stereotype

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Not so long ago, for a teenager, hearing a dentist say that they needed braces seemed like the end of the world. Never mind that the end result would be straighter teeth and a better smile. In the short term that meant risking being called 'brace face' - or worse - every time  they opened their mouth, delaying dating because they were afraid of ripping someone's lip with their metal brace when kissing, the actual mouth full of metal and more. 

The 21st Century Attitude to Braces

Things have certainly changed when it comes to braces over the last decade or so. Improvements in orthodontics mean that braces are now far more discreet, smaller, easier to live with and in many cases even get the job done - the job of straightening teeth that is - faster. 

Something else that has changed is most kids' attitude to getting braces. In the age of even seven seconds selfies a beautiful smile is possibly more desirable than ever before, so according to some dentists they actually have to upset younger kids coming into their surgeries by telling them they are not quite old enough for braces yet! 

Am I Too Old for Braces? 

All of this has left many grown ups, grown ups who fought Mum and Dad tooth and nail back in the day and did not get braces when they were a kid, wishing that they could get them now. They'd like to smile in selfies too. They know that a healthier looking - and actually healthier - straighter smile would be a lovely self confidence booster for starters. But it's all too late now...isn't it? 

The simple answer is that no, it's not. People in their 20s and 30s are getting braces. People in their 40s and 50s - including a gent called Tom Cruise - are getting them. There are even a few OAPs who have given braces a shot. 

What Will People Think? 

While more and more adults are getting braces these days it's still something people are afraid might raise a few eyebrows. And be a pain in the you know what to boot when it comes to actually living with tooth correction devices. 

In response to those concerns what can we say? Well, today's braces are far less noticeable than ever before, so most strangers will probably never even notice. They are also easier to wear, easier to remove and easier to clean. You don't even need to see the dentist for check ups anywhere near as often as in the past. And as to what people think? Even if they do notice the braces and snicker a bit who cares? You'll be the one with the big (beautiful) cheesy grin in a few months and then all they'll be is jealous! 

The #EmergencyDentist Says:

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Modern braces are better than ever and so are the end results, so don't let age get between you and a straighter, healthier smile. 

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