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What Bad Breath?

Don't Be Embarrassed To Discuss Bad Breath With The Dentist

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Bad breath. It's always an elephant in the room. The chances are that those who suffer from it won't ever hear about it from their friends and their significant other may never say too much about it either. The whole issue is an embarrassing one that, the chances are, you probably don't even want to be reading about right now because it kind of makes you feel uncomfortable.

There are many causes of bad breath, and, with the right information, and sometimes the right treatment, they can be very effectively addressed. And the best person to turn to for help is your dentist.

The Causes of Bad Breath

Bad breath - medically known as halitosis - can have a number of different causes. Some are pretty obvious while others less so. Forgetting to brush and floss on a regular basis, smoking, a love of garlic. All pretty obvious causes of bad breath to most people. But what if you, like more people than you might imagine - do brush and floss and avoid garlic every bit as much as Dracula does and still battle bad breath?

Well, did you know that dehydration causes bad breath? And that following one of those uber trendy low carb diets can do the same because that way of eating causes your body to release something called ketones that can be smelled on your breath and they often smell pretty bad? Or that an as yet unseen forming cavity can really do a number on your breath as well?

Well you may not have done, but your dentist does. He or she also knows about a number of other causes of bad breath, like taking a certain medication. They also know that, in rare cases, halitosis can be a symptom of an underlying, non oral related disease that will call for a medical doctor's care. And while they may not know the minute you sit down in the chair just what's causing the problem they will keep working with you until it's figured out.

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But I Don't Want to Talk to My Dentist About Bad Breath!

We get it, you're embarrassed and you really don't want to bring up the halitosis thing with anyone, including your dentist. You'd rather keep chewing on a new stick of gum every five minutes and downing enough mouthwash to sink a ship and hope for the best.

However, even if you just finished your 12th stick of Extra of the day before you hopped up into the dentist's chair they will detect that bad breath. It's their job. But fear not, they are not going to recoil in horror or call you out in front of the entire office. They know you're upset. They know you're puzzled. And they are just going to help you deal with the problem in a quiet, discreet and non-judgmental way. Then you can finally face the world - and all your friends - with great breath and an improved sense of self confidence, that, to be honest, will be worth every minute you felt a bit squirmy talking about all of this at all.


Dentists are here to help, not to judge. Never be afraid to discuss bad breath - or any other oral health concern - with us. Trust us, we've pretty much seen it all before and our only concern is helping to fix the problem,  not to make you feel bad about it.

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