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First Impressions Count

And Remember To Smile

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Nelson Mandela once famously said, “Appearances matter, and remember to smile”. As dentists we have adopted the latter part of that quote, #RememberToSmile. In context, Mandela was talking to Time Magazine about some important lessons he had learnt during his 90 years and we can see why.

Before an interview, a big presentation and certainly before a date or a night out you take great care to make sure your clothes are on point, your hair looks good and everything smells good. In fact, you no doubt spend more than a bit of time and money on these efforts to make the best possible first impression. But here's a question for you, how much did you spend on your smile? 

Appearances matter, and remember to smile
— Nelson Mandela

You've heard the expression 'million-dollar smile' right? It's more than just a jaded saying though. Your smile has a far bigger impact on that great first impression than you might realise. According to a psychologist from the States, Dr Paul Ekman, professor of psychology at the University of California and a man known as 'Professor Smiles', as he has devoted his career to studying them, people respond to a great smile from up to 30 meters away. And a smile, he says, lets people they are likely to get a good reception, making it hard not to reciprocate. In other words a smile is a great way to set up a good interaction before you ever say a word, a real plus when you are on that big interview or first date. 

That having been said a great smile is about a lot more than the ability to get those facial muscles into the right place. The focus is on the mouth when you smile, which means your teeth. A bright white smile and a set of healthy, well-cared for teeth and gums can say an awful lot about you, mainly that you take pride in your appearance and that your health is important to you. It is also a confidence booster for you, as people with teeth that are stained, cracked, discoloured or otherwise imperfect smile a lot less than people with 'good teeth', whether they realise it or not, and people who avoid smiling often come across as self-conscious, nervous or even rather rude. 


The Keys to a Confident Smile

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These 'smile problems' are far from unusual of course, lots of people have problems with more than just the colour of their teeth, their teeth might also be broken, cracked and/or crooked. And they may think there is not too much they can do about those latter problems other than keep their mouth closed as much as possible. However, that really isn't the case anymore. Modern dentistry has a 'fix' for pretty much all of them. 

A good smile really starts in the most mundane of ways; with a simple check up at the dentist. Regular checkups and basic cleanings really are the foundations of a great smile and they are also the way that more serious issues can be examined, addressed, and yes, fixed, so that you can begin your journey to that 'million dollar smile. 

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Regular dental checkups and good oral hygiene are the first steps to a healthy smile. And remember, a smile comes from the inside out.

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