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Got A Chipped Tooth?

It's Now an Easy Fix, Here’s How


It's not hard to chip a tooth. In fact it's a lot easier than you might think. A trip, a fall, biting into a harder than you expected apple, even knocking your tooth a bit too hard on a coffee mug can all quite easily result in a chipped tooth.

The aesthetic effect is what upsets many people most. All that time spent brushing and flossing, going for regular dental checkups and doing just what the dentist said in order to get the best smile possible is now, in their minds, ruined because of a Granny Smith that was more like a rock than a healthy addition to their diet.

But there are other reasons why a chipped tooth can be a problem too. A chip allows bacteria to get into the tooth, where it will eventually erode away the dentine, which is a soft layer that lies directly beneath the tooth enamel. This will eventually result in the soft pulp of the tooth being compromised too, leading to cavities and tooth decay.

Dealing with a Chipped Tooth
So, by now you will have figured out that dealing with a chipped tooth, and doing so as quickly as possible, really is a must. And there is some very good news here. Advances in dental technology have made it possible for a good dentist to treat and fix a chipped tooth more effectively than ever before.

The reason for this is that these days nasty metal fillings - as fillings are often the best solution for a chipped tooth - really are a thing of the past. Today's fillings are not only more durable and somewhat easier for a dental professional to place but they are also tooth coloured.

Not tooth coloured in the way that a plaster is flesh coloured, in that the colour matches someone's flesh somewhere but certainly not yours, but in that the fillings can be mixed to match your unique tooth colour for a finished effect that is not only wonderfully durable but also pretty darn good looking as well.

The Techie Stuff
The way that dentists can do all of this is pretty impressive as well. Using a composite quartz resin - basically a really tough plastic - and a special LED light - once it's in place a filling can be hardened in about ten seconds and within minutes you and your newly repaired tooth will basically be good to go. The new part of the tooth can be brushed and cared for usual and it will be as tough as the 'real' tooth it replaced. Don't forget we're always here after hours during the Christmas season to help you out.

The #EmergencyDentist Says:


We get more incidents of chipped teeth during the December January silly season than any other time. Watch yourself at those christmas parties, new years parties and sprints across the hot sand or cement at the beach ;)

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