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Top 5 Summer Sports for Sydney Kids

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It's an age old question and one that still needs to be answered even in the era of endless video games; what's the best way to keep the kids occupied in the summer, especially during the long school holiday? We have some answers for you.

The Benefits of Organised Sports for Sydney Kids
While you could, technically, let them stay up in their room fighting electronic soldiers/aliens/super-villains all day or watch TV until their eyes take on a squarish shape. However, it is the summer, this is Sydney and the best place for them to be, at least some of the time, is outside and soaking up all of that great-for-them Vitamin D and the best thing for them to be doing is staying active.

Sydney in the summer offers all kinds of outdoor fun for kids and some of the best of it comes in the form of organised sports. According to the experts even little kids can benefit from the physical, mental and confidence boosts that taking part in them can offer, as well as the fun of course.

But just what sport should your kids give a try this summer if they have no plans yet? Here's a look at our personal Top 5 Summer Sports for Kids.

There’s a lot of water surrounding us here in Sydney and the beach and ocean are a big part of most of our lives in the summer. This means that water safety has to be too. And when it comes to the littlest water babies, Nippers is not only a great way for them to develop the basic skills they need to be safe in the water but also to learn how much fun it can be.

Nippers classes offer children aged 5-13 the chance to learn to swim, how to stay safe in the water, how to help someone else in danger and even how to body board and dolphin dive. Add to that the fact that they’ll also be getting one of the best all-round forms of exercise there is so it’s a win-win for everyone.

Summer and cricket in Australia go together like nothing else. But why just let your kids settle for watching on telly and dreaming about becoming the next Steve Smith or Meg Lanning when they can go out there and give it a try themselves? And even if they don’t quite make it to The Sydney Cricket Ground one day the coordination and team building skills, and general cricket know how, it will give them will be invaluable in life.

Every summer in January the eyes of the world’s tennis fans turn to Oz as the Australian Open gets the Grand Slam season under way. So what better time than the summer to introduce kids of all ages to the joys of the game? It’s another great hand eye coordination builder, great exercise and a fantastic confidence booster. And if you happen to find you’ve got the next Sam Stosur or Lleyton Hewitt on your hands us Aussie tennis fans aren’t going to complain are we?

Your kids don’t have to be in the water to have fun on it. And as home to one of the most iconic harbours on the planet, sailing is certainly in Sydney’s blood. While it’s not perhaps the kids summer sport that spring to mind first, there are some great programs out there, especially those run by Yachting Australia, that teach young kids the basics of what really is a very exciting sport.

Finally, here’s a sport the whole family can enjoy together this summer, no matter what their age or general fitness level. All you really need to enjoy a spot of summer cycling with the kids are some good bikes, great helmets and a nice stretch of open road. If your kids want to try something a little more challenging though there’s always the option of finding them classes and clubs to join in with mountain biking, BMX and maybe even motocross activities.

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