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Does a Toothache Always Equal an Extraction?

Here's The Rundown


You've been up half the night thanks to the pain from that nagging aching tooth. Come to think of it, you were up half of the night before as well. Painkillers from the local chemists aren't even touching the pain anymore and you know you really should book an appointment with a dentist ASAP. But you don't like needles and pain, you're not even that fond of dentists and you really don't want to go through a tooth extraction. So you're stalling...

But does toothache equal extraction automatically? The answer is a little more complicated than you might think...

What's Causing the Pain?
Before you start ringing around dentists in Sydney asking about tooth extraction pricing it's important to understand one thing; tooth pain has lots of different causes and they don't all mean that the first thing a dentist is going to want to do is yank the offending tooth out. In fact, it's probably the last thing they want to do as they actually spent all of those years in dental school learning to save teeth rather than just do extraction after extraction.

Alternatives to Tooth Extraction
Because there are lots of different reasons a tooth might be giving you trouble, there are also lots of ways to treat these problems. If a cavity is the culprit then a simple filling may be the answer. If it's actually a gum infection - something that's more common than you might think - then a good deep cleaning and a course of antibiotics often works wonders. A tooth extraction is not even the automatic recommendation when the pain involves wisdom teeth, whatever you might have been told.  And the pain may not really even be coming from a tooth at all.

Getting to the Root of the Problem
As we mentioned, the real key to getting to the root of the problem when it comes to a toothache is a careful, considered dental examination. This will often involve taking x-rays   and a chat about your past dental history as well as a routine exam. Only then can a dentist figure out what's really going on and present a patient with their treatment recommendations and options.

Isn't It Just Easier to Get a Bad Tooth Out?
In some cases, the problem that's really been causing a nasty toothache may come along with several different possible treatments options and yes, one of them might be extraction and that may sound like it's the quickest, easiest and possibly least expensive way to go.

However, before you choose that option based on time or money, listen carefully to what your dentist as to say. Every tooth in your head is there for a reason, even those pesky wisdom teeth, and if it's no longer there may very well be downsides you don't really won't 'get' until it's too late and the tooth is gone for good.

The #EmergencyDentist Says:


Don't automatically assume that an aching tooth is one that's going to have to come out. Give us a ring, come in for an appointment after hours, or when needed, and we'll work out the best course of treatment for you and your tooth.

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