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Health Funds

What do you accept?

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Even if they are in a great deal of pain, - which is far from unusual - when people call about visiting an emergency dentist they are concerned about just how they are going to cover the cost of their visit. One of the questions heard often is a simple one; "what health funds do you accept?"

Emergency Dentistry and Health Funds

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One of the biggest reasons that many Australians choose to participate in a private health fund is to gain better access to dental care. Therefore, it’s little surprise that they want to try and make sure that any tie they need dental services of any kind they are covered by their particular health fund.

In answer to the question "what health funds do you accept?" at Emergency Dentist Sydney, we can honestly say 'all of them'. We do not have a preferred provider; we are willing to work with them all. In doing so we ensure that everyone has access to great dental care in an emergency and that worries about coverage are taken out of the equation and patients can concentrate on dealing with the real issue at hand; getting their dental emergency taken care of.

This means that at Emergency Dentist Sydney we can accept all the following health funds:

Using Your Health Fund Coverage at Emergency Dentist Sydney

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When you visit us, and it’s planned that you’ll be receiving a dental treatment covered by your health fund, you will be able to claim instantly at your appointment, providing you can present your health fund identification (temporary ID cards are OK) to our staff at the time of the visit. Each claim is made individually, we don’t bulk bill as we are private providers and not a part of the public health system.

Emergency Dentist Sydney Says:

Because we believe that everyone should have access to the best possible dental care, both as a matter of routine and on an emergency basis, we make sure we can work with any health fund in Australia to allow more people to do so.

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