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Common Emergency Situations

What Problems Do We See Most?

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At Emergency Dentist Sydney, we are often asked just which dental emergencies we treat most often. And while we certainly see all kinds of cases - you might be surprised what we see - there are indeed certain dental emergencies that we spend more time dealing with than others. Here's a brief look at some of them:

Loose Teeth

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There are a number of reasons why a tooth loosens but often when patients come to see us it is because their tooth has been loosened as a result of a trauma; a sports injury, a fall in which the tooth has been damaged and yes, sometimes when it's owner has been on the receiving end of a blow of some kind. A loose tooth isn't always a tooth that is destined to be lost though, as, if it's deemed appropriate a loose tooth treated quickly can be replaced and saved.

Knocked Out Teeth

Getting a tooth knocked out is a traumatic experience no matter who it happens to and just how the injury occurs. In years gone by once, a tooth was knocked out it was thought to be pretty much the end of it, and a dentist's primary job at that point was to 'clean up the mess' and then help patients make a plan to move on without the tooth. These days however with prompt and expert treatment a knocked-out tooth can often be saved.

Fractured Teeth

A fractured tooth, just like a fractured bone elsewhere in the body, can be more of a problem than people often think. As is the case with bones, fractured teeth vary in severity as well, from small cracks and chips that may call for primarily cosmetic dentistry to deep fractures that may have damaged the root of the tooth, calling for a more serious surgical procedure.


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There are lots of different reasons why a tooth might hurt, and the middle of the night is not a time that anyone really wants to start playing guessing games. That's why a great many patients we see on an emergency basis simply know that they are in terrible pain that just won't seem to quit and they leave it up to us to figure out why that is and what we can best do to help.

Acute Pain

Not all mouth pain is radiating from the teeth. Damaged and/or diseased gums or even an abscess may be to blame instead. When treating patients in acute pain on an emergency basis we can often help determine just what the problem is quickly and begin treating the cause of the pain effectively, and not just the pain itself.

Tender, Inflamed or Bleeding Gums

Not every case of swollen or bleeding gums needs to be treated on an emergency basis but there are some that call for swift treatment in order for patients to make the best possible recovery, especially as bleeding gums can often be a sign of another oral health problem as well.

Emergency Dentist Sydney Says:

Not sure if the dental problem you are experiencing is an emergency? Give us a call, we'll help you figure it out.

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