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Laser Root Canal Treatment

Why It's the Best Option for Your Oral Health

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The root canal is a very old dental treatment and it’s something that most people try to avoid. In the old days, this treatment was frightening and painful and people only agreed to it when there was absolutely no other option. But this has all changed with the invention of laser dentistry. Keep reading to learn all about the benefits of laser root canal treatments and how it can make visits to your after hours dentist much easier.

What is Laser Dentistry?

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Laser dentistry uses focused beams of light to clear away and reshape tissue in the mouth and this can be used in a range of dental procedures including root canals. During a root canal, your dentist will use the laser to open a hole in your tooth and clear out the diseased tissue. The laser can also be used to shape and prepare the canal so it can be filled. This new root canal procedure has a number of benefits over the old one, where dentists used a drill to open the tooth. So if you have a toothache late at night and worry about going to your after hours dentist for a root canal, make sure you talk to them about laser procedures.

The Benefits of Laser Root Canal Treatment

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When dentists started adopting the use of lasers in their procedures, it was a great step forward for dentistry as a whole. Here are some of the benefits of using a laser during root canal treatments specifically, though many of them apply to other procedures as well:

  • Faster procedures

During old root canal procedures, a drill was used to cut through the tooth and then the dentist manually removed the damaged tissue within the tooth. This was usually a very slow process. But performing these tasks using a laser is much faster, with the whole procedure usually taking less than 30 minutes from start to end.

  • Less bleeding and damage

Lasers are much more precise than drills, which means there are less damage and bleeding. So after you have a laser root canal, your recovery time will usually be much shorter than with the older procedure.

  • Fewer infections

Because lasers are so precise, they ensure that all the diseased tissue is removed from within the tooth. This cuts down on the rate of infection after the procedure, which ensures a better outcome.

  • Healthy tissue is better protected

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One of the problems with the old root canal surgery was the fact that healthy tissue around the affected tooth was sometimes damaged by the drill or by other instruments. But because the laser is so precise, this is much less likely to happen during the new procedure.

  • The drill isn’t always necessary

One of the worst things about root canals is the sound of the drill as it opens up your tooth. But because of the laser, most dentists don’t use a drill at all during a root canal these days. And if it is still necessary, it will be for a much shorter time.

  • Better outcomes

All the benefits of laser root canals add up to one thing, better outcomes. If a root canal doesn’t work, it usually means that the tooth has to be extracted. But because this procedure is so effective, this is much less common these days as long as the new procedure is used.

  • Pain-free procedures

Your dentist will completely numb the tooth and the surrounding area during the laser root canal, so there shouldn’t be any pain during the procedure. However, most patients report that they experience much less pain after a laser root canal than with the old version of the procedure. And that’s probably the best benefit of this new way of doing the procedure.

So the next time you need to have a root canal, talk to your dentist about whether a laser procedure is right for you.

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