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What to Do If You Need an Emergency Root Canal

From An Experienced Emergency Dentist

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If you suddenly experience a severe toothache late at night or on the weekends it’s important that you know what to do. It may be tempting to just call the closest dentist to get help, but that could end up causing more problems than it solves. An emergency root canal can be a complicated procedure. That’s why you need to make sure that the after hours dentist you see is appropriately experienced and trained in this procedure.

What is a Root Canal? 

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A root canal is a very common procedure that’s performed when a tooth becomes infected because of decay or poor oral health. The infection can cause the tissue inside the tooth to become diseased and damaged. If it isn’t treated at this stage, then the tooth will have to be extracted and the infection can also spread, causing problems with other teeth and with the rest of the mouth.

This can come on quite suddenly. You may have a tooth that bothers you a little for a while, and then suddenly one night you’re in a lot of pain and looking for an after hours dentist. But this is where you need to be careful. Although root canals are common, that doesn’t mean that you should just see the first dentist who answers the phone. As Dr. Oberoi from Emergency Dentists Sydney says, “A root canal is a complex procedure so it’s important that the staff are trained properly so that patients get the best treatment.”

It’s fairly easy for something to go wrong during this procedure, or for infected tissue to be missed, which can affect the outcome and lead to a tooth extraction. So if you want to avoid complications, you need to make sure that your after hours dentist is appropriately experienced and trained in the procedure.

Emergency Dentist Sydney

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If you suddenly need an emergency root canal late at night or on the weekend, you need to know that you’re in good hands. As Dr. Oberoi states, “Patients are nervous and have limited choice in who they see out of hours, so they need to know that their dentist can do the job properly.”

The staff at Emergency Dentist Sydney have been focussed on emergency procedures for many years and have performed literally thousands of root canals. They have experience in almost every type of dental emergency imaginable, from toothaches to broken teeth and problems with fixtures such as crowns and veneers. So no matter what’s happened to your teeth, you can get the help you need from our 24 hour dentist whenever you need it most.

Emergency Dentist Sydney Says:

So if you have a toothache after office hours, make sure you contact our Emergency Dentist in Sydney. Our caring and expert staff are available now to take care of all your emergency dental needs.

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