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Tooth Extractions

You Have Nothing to be Afraid of

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You might have chipped a tooth from a fall or cracked a tooth from accidently biting down on something hard. Whatever the reason for your toothache or pain, a tooth extraction will most likely not be the first procedure your dentist will suggest. Tooth extractions are actually only done as a last resort. However, if you are in a situation where your tooth needs extracting, there is totally nothing to fear!

Tooth Extraction is the Last Resort

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Dental treatments and techniques are rapidly advancing. At Emergency Dentist Sydney, our dentists will always discuss with you the right treatment options for your dental emergency.  We avoid tooth extraction as there are a number of treatments that can be done first instead and most importantly, we want to save your tooth. This means if you have a broken tooth and are avoiding the dentist because you're fearing the extraction procedure, call your dentist now as an extraction may not be the case. Your dentist will try to fix your damaged tooth with a filling, crown or other treatment. 

The Extraction Procedure

Sometimes, there may be too much damage for the tooth to be repaired. This is when the tooth will need to be extracted. The Procedure itself is fairly quick. Dr. Oberoi states that it usually takes under a minute to actually remove the tooth. He says that “I spend more time talking to the patient and making sure they’re comfortable than doing the procedure itself.” The care at Emergency Dentist Sydney is personalised to the patient, to ensure the procedure is as comfortable and stress free as possible.

A Painless Dentist Procedure

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What we will always do is make sure that the area we are performing the extraction is completely numb. Even administering the anaesthetic is painless with the help of some numbing cream. At Emergency Dentist Sydney, we also have a number of options for anxious patients including local anaesthesia, happy gas or even IV sedation. Your dentist will discuss with you the best option for your situation and condition.

Tooth Extraction After-Care

Aftercare is almost as important as the extraction itself. Your dentist will stay in touch with you over the days after the procedure. They will be able to answer any questions or concerns you might have and provide assistance in the unlikely case of complications. 

Emergency Dentist Sydney Says:

Extractions sound scary but in reality, they’re usually very quick and pain-free. Our dentists always ensure a pain-free and comfortable procedure for all patients so come and see us if you have concerns about your smile.

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