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Dental Care 101: Prevention Tip

Prevention Is Your Best Friend: Here's Our TOP 10 List


Every person's smile is unique and so is their dental care requirements. However, there a few things we can all do, from a young age, to ensure we keep the teeth we have and keep them healthy. Let's get started with a few dental hygiene prevention tips:

Our top tips:

  1. Brush Regular!It's simple but lots of us don't do this most simplest of activities. So, brush twice a day, after meals where possible.
  2. Floss Regular. Twice a day to be exact! A slow sawing motion is the best way to do it. If you're not sure how to do it ask your Dentist at your next visit. If you are a regular 'flosser' you should check your technique at your next check-up, just in case. For detailed info on how to floss right check out our flossing tips page (link to come).
  3. Choose The Right Toothbrush For You. The toothbrush you choose should have a head small enough so that you can reach behind your back teeth. The bristles should also be soft, these will be kinder to your gums long term.
  4. Right. The average adult should brush their teeth for about 3 minutes and combine a technique of up and down on teeth surfaces and soft circular motion where your teeth meet your gums. Anything shorter and you're probably not paying enough attention to where and how you're brushing. If you brush longer than 3 minutes you may be causing gum or plaque damage, so keep it close to 3 minutes. For detailed instructions on how to brush right check out our brushing tips page (link to come).
  5. Limit Acidic Foods & Drinks. These include things like soft drink or fizzie drinks, cordials and fruit juices. The acidic levels in these manufactured foods and drinks are concentrated and above the desired standard levels. They will dissolve the minerals contained in the enamel that coats and protects your teeth, leading to cavities (holes).
  6. Limit Sugary Foods. These include things like lollies and candies, sweeteners, dried fruits, cakes, jams, some cereals and sauces. The bacteria in dental plaque change sugars in to acids and we all know what that does.
  7. Protect Teeth From Injury. Always wear a mouthguard or full-face helmet when playing any contact sports.
  8. Save Dislodged Teeth. Should your teeth be knocked out while playing sport or in an altercation or accident, seek medical advice immediately. Once you have done this you should wrap the tooth in plastic or place it in a container of milk until you are able to seek medical advice.
  9. Use Your Teeth To Chew! Doing things like cracking nuts, opening bottles by popping off the lid with your teeth, or sucking on a hard boiled lollies or candies can crack or chip your teeth. These may not be evident or noticeable at the time they occur but will develop in to bigger problems with time.
  10. Use A Fluoridated Toothpaste. Fluoride hardens your tooth enamel and helps greatly to reduce the risk of tooth decay.

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